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13 Best Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

Are you interested in a tiny house? Look what we found for you.

Have you ever thought about downscaling? Well, not exactly moving to a smaller space but scaling your belongings as well as your living space. Would you live in a smaller space? If a minimal lifestyle appeals you, you should only focus on Amazon. Amazon is a purveyor of so many things and can still ship a tiny home for you or a kit you can build upon.

You may have come across the prefabricated modular tiny homes on Amazon. However, here are some of the best tiny homes you can order online right away from Amazon.

Solvalla Garden house

Are you an enthusiast of IKEA products? If yes, Solvalla Garden house is your perfect option.

The house is a modern house that lies in a 172 square foot place. Solvalla actually consists of two separate 86 sqft. structures connected together. The house goes for $7,290 only and there is no shipping fee, it is free.

Allwood Solvalla | 172 SQF Studio Cabin Kit, Garden House
Solvalla Garden House (click image for more info)


Bella Cabin

Bella Cabin is an attractive cottage whose living space is about 237 square foot in the main area. It also has extra 86 a square foot in the loft. The tiny house has three room on the first floor that gives you a room to form a kitchen and a bathroom. On Amazon, the house goes for $17,800 and you do not have to pay for shipping since it is free.

Bella cabin on Amazon
Bella Cabin on Amazon

Claudia Kit Cabin

Claudia cabin is a small house with a window galore on one side. The most fantastic thing about it is that it has a free space of 209 square feet that you can modify to anything. In Amazon, it goes for $7,495 and shipping is free.

Claudia Kit Cabin
Claudia Kit Cabin


Getaway Cabin Kit

In a small house, the outdoor adjacent is so important. The Getaway cabin house has a great surrounding space that acts as a breezing space. It has three room on the grounds floor and a loft upstairs. The house cost $18,800 plus free shipping.

Getaway Cabin Kit
Getaway Cabin Kit

Halmsted garden house

This is one of the tiniest homes on Amazon. It has 116 square foot only. It has sleek lines and a contemporary appeal. The house has a modern design with sleek likes around. It goes for $5,490 while shipping is free.

Halmstad Garden House
Halmstad Garden House

Escape Weekender Cabin

The beautiful cabin has 113 square feet of space. However, it has an additional terrace that is so inviting. The cabin has sleek lines and a modern appeal. It costs $5350 and once you order, shipping is free. Very often it is unavailable, due to its reasonable price, so check its availability on Amazon more often.

Lillevilla Weekender Cabin
Lillevilla Weekender Cabin

Lakeview Log Cabin Kit

The Lakeview log cabin kit is so cool, its floor area measures 75 square feet. The wall thickness is 1-3/4 that is about 44 mm. the door is the windows of this house are exceptional. Besides, both have Dual panes.

Lakeview Log Cabin Kit
Lakeview Log Cabin Kit

Nordia Cabin Kit

This tinny house is so cool. The main floor space of the living room is 85 square 1919 square foot and a loft of 95 of square feet. The house gives a sufficient space for the kitchen and bathroom. It goes for $16,950 and free shipping.

Nordica Cabin Kit
Nordica Cabin Kit

Ranger Kit Cabin

Ranger cabin is a warm tiny homemade of dreams. It has 259 square feet on the main floor plus a 169 square foot loft. Its walls are thick and energy efficient. It cost $19990 on Amazon and shipping is free.

Ranger Kit Cabin
Ranger Kit Cabin

Sunray Cabin

This tiny house has so many fronts facing windows and therefore the name Sunray. The house offers you a beach like a lifestyle. Its floor area measures 162 square feet. It costs $8690 and a free shipping.

Sunray Kit Cabin
Sunray Kit Cabin

Allwood Eagle Point

In the world of the tiny house, this house is considered as a mansion. It is for area measures 1108 square feet (712 Sqf downstairs + 396 Sqf upstairs). Rooms, doors, and windows can be added, deleted, and adjusted in size. It costs $49900 a gorgeous one and has pretty nice reviews about it, check below the image.

Allwood Eagle Point | 1108 SQF Cabin Kit
Allwood Eagle Point (click image for more information)


Timberline cabin

Timberline cabin is the most spacious tiny house. Its floor area measures 354 square foot. It has a loft measuring 129 square feet. It has three rooms downstairs that create s a room for the kitchen and the bathroom. It has a porch that offers more living room. It cost $34900 while shipping is free.

Timberline Kit Cabin Timberline Kit Cabin

Expandable container house with fire-resistant property

The outstanding fire resistant property ensures you live a safe and comfortable life. The house can expand and takes only 10 minutes to expand it. The house has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The floor area can expand. It has a free plan that looks like an office or a meeting room. It has two bedrooms and living room. Its plumbing and electrical services are complete. It cost $16,800 with free shipping.


Handy Home Products Palisade 12x8 Do-it-Yourself Wooden Storage Shed with Floor

Handy Home Products Palisade 12×8 Do-it-Yourself Wooden Storage Shed with Floor

  • Not available in FL due to weather restrictions
  • 60 in. wide door opening features sliding barn-style double doors
  • Modern, studio-style design features 6 ft.-4 in. high side walls and 9 ft. peak
  • Pre-primed wood shed siding is treated to protect against decay
  • Includes complete wood floor with treated wood floor framing and wood floor decking
  • Factory-primed siding is ready to paint (paint sold separately)
  • 630 cu. ft. storage capacity offers enough room for simple storage, a creative work space or lifestyle-inspired sanctuary
  • Includes 4 over-door transom windows
  • Personalize your Palisade Studio Shed the way you want it – purchase paint and shingles (both sold separately)
  • 15-year limited material warranty

Handy Home Products Astoria 12x24 Do-It-Yourself Wooden Storage Shed with Floor

Handy Home Products Astoria 12×24 Do-It-Yourself Wooden Storage Shed with Floor

  • Not available in FL due to weather restrictions
  • 7’ tall side walls / 9’-11” peak height provides convenient vertical storage for ladders, rakes, shovels and more
  • Extra-large 5’-4” wide doors feature continuous galvanized steel hinges
  • Flexible design allows you to choose door location and trim designs
  • Pre-primed wood shed siding is treated to protect against decay and insects
  • Premium, 2×4 wood framing provides ground-to-peak strength
  • Factory-primed siding is ready to paint (paint sold separately)
  • Strong wood construction withstands demanding wind and snow loads
  • Includes premium, rust-resistant, keyed locking handle for improved security
  • 15-year limited material warranty

PURPLE LEAF 11.5' × 17.7' Outdoor Louvered Pergola with Adjustable Hardtop Gazebo Sun Shade Patio Aluminum Pergola

PURPLE LEAF 11.5′ × 17.7′ Outdoor Louvered Pergola with Adjustable Hardtop Gazebo Sun Shade Patio Aluminum Pergola

  • Coverage Area: This 11.5 x 17.7 patio pergola provides up to 200 square feet of direct coverage from the sun, providing you a place for outdoor entertainment like party, dinner or spa.
  • Adjustable Louvered Roof: The unique louvered roof design of this aluminum pergola allows you to control the amount of sun or shade you receive. Keeps out the bright light and harmful UV rays.
  • High Quality Material: Constructed with powder coated aluminum frame, which is rust-resistant and not easy to deform. This Louvered pergola is designed to last for years to come.
  • Hidden Gutter Design: This outdoor pergola has a built-in gutter system along the roof to redirect the water to outside posts, avoiding water accumulation on the roof and keeping dry underneath.
  • Assembly instructions and necessary hardware are included. No special rivets, additional materials or welds are required for assembly. Recommend 4-6 people to install. PURPLE LEAF doesn’t offer installation service. Furniture NOT INCLUDED!
  • ❗ In the case of high winds, snow or other extreme weather conditions, please open the louvers and raise or remove any shade screen accessories that have been installed to avoid potential damage to your pergola.
  • Attention: As the purchaser and/or installer of this product, you are advised to consult your local city, municipality and applicable HOA guidelines for guidance on building codes and/or zoning requirements for your area before purchase. This structure may require a permission.

MELLCOM 12' x 20' Hardtop Gazebo, Wooden Finish Coated Aluminum Frame Gazebo with Galvanized Steel Double Roof, Brown Metal Gazebo with Curtains and Nettings for Patios, Gardens, Lawns

MELLCOM 12′ x 20′ Hardtop Gazebo, Wooden Finish Coated Aluminum Frame Gazebo with Galvanized Steel Double Roof, Brown Metal Gazebo with Curtains and Nettings for Patios, Gardens, Lawns

  • 【Wood Grain Aluminum Frame】Euqipped with wood-looking powder coated, the real aluminum posts look like natural wood but are sturdy and durable enough for your outdoor use. The wooden-looking finish gazebo gives a natural feel that won’t decay or crack like real wood or rust like the iron frame but last for many years.
  • 【Galvanized Steel Double Top】The steel gazebo with galvanized steel roof is fade-resistant, rust-resistant, sturdy enough to withstand heavy snow and wind, and can keep out bright light and harmful UV rays. The double-top design facilitates ventilation, cooling, and slowing down the wind speed.
  • 【Rustproof Aluminum Frame】Sturdy hardtop gazebo built with 4.8″x4.8″ triangular wooden finish aluminum frames, which is more stable and antiseptic than standard others. The large gazebo with pre-drilled bases is designed for all kinds of uneven ground and can be installed in different outdoor situations.
  • 【Water Gutter Design】Professional drainage system design allows water to flow from the edge of the aluminum gazebo top into the pole and the ground, which can enhance the snow load and reduce troubles during the rainy or snow season.
  • 【Curtains, Nettings & Hooks】The double-track system of the 12′ X 20′ gazebo allows you to slide each layer with ease. Equipped with 3 binding belts for each post to allow you to bundle any layer as you like. With “U” & “J” hooks on the top roof, you could hang up the lights and fans to enrich the gazebo.
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Expandable Container House with fire resistance property
Expandable Container House with fire resistance propertyIn conclusion, if interested in living in a small house, do not stress yourself since you can get it on Amazon at a reasonable price. Besides, you can get one small house to act as a guesthouse.

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13 Best Tiny Houses 13 Best Tiny Houses

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