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How Do Bath Bombs Work? You Can Stop Wondering Now

If you have ever taken a long and luxurious bath and wanted to really pamper yourself then you may have considered using a bath bomb. These are fun additions to your bath that will effervesce when they get wet and add scent, color, and even bubbles to your bath. Whether or not you have used bath bombs in the past, you have probably wondered what they are and how they work. When you have all of the facts on bath bombs, you’ll be better able to decide if they are something you’d like to add to your bath, and you will know how to store your bath bombs to ensure that they last for a long time and work just the way that you want them to. Buying a variety of bath bombs will allow you to create different experiences for yourself each time you take a bath.

What They Do

Many people wonder “how do bath bombs work?” but it’s actually quite simple. They are made of a bicarbonate base, which is usually baking soda, and a weak acid, such as citric acid. When these ingredients are dry, they will not react, and you can create and store your bath bombs for long periods of time as long as you do not get them wet. As soon as you add water or dunk them in the bath, however, this is what makes bath bombs fizz. This is because the acid and the base react together to release carbon dioxide. If you have a bath bomb that produces foam, then it is because there has been a lathering agent added as well.

As the bath bomb effervesces in your bath, it will release the scent and color of the bomb into your bath, turning your water into a colorful and delicious-smelling escape. Some bath bombs also have lotions in them that will soften your skin, while others are made to make your water feel more like a soft jelly, creating a very smooth substance for you to bathe in.

How to Use Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can be used anytime you want to make your bath a little more special or enjoyable. They are incredibly easy to use, and only need to be unwrapped and then dropped into the bathtub. Since the addition of water to the bath bomb is what sets off the chemical reaction, there isn’t anything that the user has to do to enjoy the full effects of the bath bomb. This means that everyone from adults to kids can enjoy a bath bomb and not have to worry about using it incorrectly. With most bath bombs, you will want to wait a few minutes to really enjoy the swirling colors and amazing scents before getting in the bath. After the bomb has stopped fizzing and releasing colors, then it’s a good time to gently get into the bath.


You want to make sure that your family is safe in the bath, so finding out information about the safety of the bath bomb you are going to use is important. In general, when you ask “are bath bombs safe,” the answer will be “yes.” This is because the ingredients can easily be tolerated by most people who use them. Unfortunately, there are some people who find the added dyes and fragrances irritating. If you are allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate, limonene, or linalool, you will want to make sure that the bath bombs you choose do not have those additives in them. Users with very sensitive skin should avoid using bath bombs that have a lot of added ingredients in them and instead opt for those that use high-quality essential oils.


How to Store Bath Bombs


To ensure that your bath bombs last for as long as possible before you use them, you will want to make sure that you store them correctly. It’s important that they are protected from any water or moisture in the air, as they will begin to react as soon as they get wet, and then they will not be able to be used in the bath. There are various ways that you can store your bath bombs, depending on what kind of space you have and how quickly you are going to use them.

If you want to be able to store your bath bombs for a long time without risking them getting wet then you will need to leave them in their protective plastic wrapping if possible. If they did not come wrapped in plastic, you can easily wrap them yourself with plastic kitchen wrap, as this will help keep the moisture in the air from affecting them. Another common way to store a large number of bath bombs is in an airtight plastic case. This not only protects the bath bombs and keeps them from getting wet, but also affords you the luxury of searching through your stash each time you want to enjoy a bath.

Some bath bombs smell nice enough and are strong enough to make your room smell nice, and if you have some of these bath bombs, you can get away with storing them out in the open on a shelf. While this is not a good idea in the bathroom, as the humid air and water droplets from the shower will ruin the bath bombs, this is a great way to make your room smell nice. Another alternative is to keep them in your clothing drawer, as they will be dry and will impart a lovely smell to your dresser and to all of your clothing.

Keeping Bath Bombs for a Long Time

When deciding how long to hang on to your bath bombs before you use them, it’s important to consider “do bath bombs expire?” While you can still use a bath bomb that is very old, it will get less effective as it ages, which means that it won’t fizz nearly as much as it would have when it was new. While you can store your bath bombs for long, it’s better to store bath bombs not longer than 1 year after production time. And also, it’s important to make sure that you try to keep them as fresh as possible or you will have problems with them not working in the way you want them to. 

If you store your bath bombs out on display because you like the way that they look and smell, then it’s important to know that you are shortening how long they will last. While bath bombs don’t technically expire, the answer to the question “how long do bath bombs last?” will depend on how you store them and how quickly you use them. In addition, the essential oils that give your bath bomb their dreamy smell will begin to evaporate quickly once the bath bomb has been exposed to the air.

Why Use Bath Bombs?

Relaxing In Rose Bath Tub With Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great way to improve your bath and turn it into a fun and pampering experience. Instead of getting in the bath with the sole purpose of getting clean, you can now enjoy amazing colors and scents that will transport you and help you relax after a hard day. While “what are bath bombs good for?” is a good question, the answer will vary from person to person. Some people will want to use bath bombs to reward themselves for dealing with a particularly stressful situation, while others will opt to give them as a gift to someone they love. They make great wedding favors or can be included as part of a care package if you are trying to treat someone you love.

Use Bath Bombs To Prevent Dry Skin

Another great reason to use bath bombs is if you suffer from dry skin. When you buy a bath bomb that has added softening ingredients, you will quickly note that your skin is smoother and more supple after you get out of the bath. The oils included in such bath bombs will coat your skin and soak in, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of rubbing oil over your dry skin without having to get out of the bath. If you choose a bath bomb that has lavender or peppermint in it, the soothing scents that the bath bomb releases will help you relax after a long day. On the other hand, buying citrus bath bombs will help you wake up and will help you feel more rejuvenated after your bath. No matter whether you want to make your bath a more inviting place for yourself or simply need to convince a child that it’s time to get clean, a bath bomb will make a bath much more fun and exciting.

When you use high-quality bath bombs, you elevate your time spent in the bath to a much more enjoyable experience. It quickly becomes a way to escape from the stress of your day and to treat yourself, instead of just another task on your to-do list. Gifting bath bombs to someone you care about provides them with a great way to enjoy being pampered as well.  With no harmful chemicals and so many scents and colors to choose from, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a bath bomb in your next bath.

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How Do Bath Bombs Work_ Stop Wondering
How Do Bath Bombs Work_ Stop Wondering

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