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Luxury Cottage Interior with Rich Woodwork

A home characterized by a showcase of pictures of an eye-candy up to date mountain home. With it lies unique furniture, exemplary woodwork makes this luxury cottage interior.

Welcome to our showcase which features the luxury cottage. ARS-IDEA are the masters behind this brilliant masterpiece.

The Cottage comes to life at Skhidnytsia, Ukraine. Designers had comfort and luxury in mind when working on the project. It is a contemporary mountain luxurious house that changes old mountain home stature.

The entire look comes together to present a home-like feeling with the organic timber designs.

Designers Arsen Kostyshyn, Catherine Lutsyuk and the architect Ole Tselyuh are the geniuses behind this masterpiece that came to completion in 2015 which portrays cottage luxury home.

The idea of mountain homes is natural to set on feelings of comfort and warmth; the cottage seeks to bring out an element of luxury in its intricate style.

The interior glows with bright hues and gold patches, which create visual contrast which is eye-candy. Their aim was to play around with geometry by intricate lighting, fine lines and excellent decorations which showcase combinations of shapes and textures.

The ground level is an open floor plan with dining space, cooking area and living room. Noticeable are select colors that create sharp contrast between furniture and structural features of this cottage.

The upper loft that features sleeping spaces features two bedrooms along with spacious baths boasting of flush with natural marble. Remarkable features of the master bedroom will help you switch from recreational features to glamour with an over the top wardrobe and a private bathroom.

The designer states, “That shows that with the right combination of color and texture, furniture design and its style can be quite different.” That proves that the interiors should provide a background for furniture. The interior must not overpower the other details like furnishings.

The outstanding details and homely feeling are centerpieces of a breathtaking mountain cottage with rich woodwork.

Woodwork Ceiling Luxury Cottage
Woodwork Ceiling Luxury Cottage

The living and dining areas are on an adjoining open ground area with exemplary wainscoting and black walls. It stands out from the lower surface to ceiling with robust natural wood. Wainscoting sections the living area and the cooking area which is raised.

robust natural wood

The dining area is a blend of smooth lines and ornate furniture. It has one solid table in the middle that goes along with Victorian style dining chairs. You will also notice a black China hutch which adds some contrast.

dining area woodworking
exclusive kitchen island design with rich woodworking

Moving up to our cooking area, you will notice an exclusive island design with inbuilt wine bottle storage and rock-smoothed table tops. Light hardwood flooring accentuates two identical sconces.

cooking space woodworking

The cooking space is highly textural; it is characterized by black cabinetry, highlighted in gold and stripped tile ground design. You will love the timber dark ceiling that creates a sharp contrast to the lighting.

countertops are made of rich marble

The countertops are made of rich marble-like embellished milky tops and tile backsplash which create more textural uniqueness. It is can be said that this is one of the most outstanding features in this home.

staircase woodworking

On top of a staircase, you can have a look at natural exposed timber beams throughout this home, creating uniformity of layout and style.

master sleeping area rich luxury cottage

The master sleeping area boasts of both humongous fireplace and relaxing areas. This room stands out with exceptional chandelier piece and wall sconces. Two large windows bring in natural light which shines brightly on furniture details.

natural marble bathroom

One of the twin bathrooms is outstanding in natural marble. A fantastic extensive shower and vanity sink are up to date and classic for maximum luxury.

second sleeping area luxury cottage

The second sleeping area glazed in warm color picks, rich-wood wall paneling, and lighter furniture. You can see a comfortable room layout with private bath access.

second bath natural marble

The second bath is nearly similar to the first one. It wraps nicely with white stone-like finishes over a plaid ground level lineation. It has in-built shelving, and floating counter made to make the comfy area appear expansive.

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