Best Christmas Decor Ideas for 2019

Discover 2019 Christmas décor ideas to liven up your home and spark new ideas to personalize your space!

Christmas Decor for Living Room

Whether you just want to add to your favorite holiday decor or try something totally new, find here some of my favorite Christmas decorations. If you love rich reds and greens, the perfect plaid, simple shapes, and a touch of twinkle and shine – welcome the holidays with the Christmas Bestsellers collection. This time-honored take on decorating makes it easy for family, friends, and guests to feel right at home…surrounded with the warmth of a truly traditional Christmas.

This collection lends itself to lots of creative decorating ideas; use ornaments to embellish a garland – accentuating a stairway. Add some fun with a cluster of oversized ornaments on the bannister or try them under the tree. Greens, added to any room, bring in a wonderful natural element that’s so important to a classic Christmas…and has direct links to a wide variety of greens to meet your needs, from trees to garland to wreaths…which are another great place to showcase ornaments. The palette for this look is predominantly red paired with white – making this nutcracker silhouette project a perfect fit.

Home Gnome Christmas Decoration 

Home Gnome Christmas Decoration
Home Gnome Christmas Decoration. Click the image to see pricing info.

You are seeing now on the Christmas Must-Haves. They are really remarkable lovely gnomes to add to your Christmas collection.

These handmade gnomes are made in a very beautiful combination of colors, their caps are red and their bodies are black & white buffalo pattern colors. The beard and braids of the gnomes are made of faux fur. As a filler used fiberfill and marble stones. High quality adorable Gnomes!

Recycled Glass Christmas Tree

Christmas decorations, recycled glass Christmas decoration, fused glass tree ornaments, fused glass christmas, Christmas tree
Recycled Glass Christmas Tree. Click the image for pricing info.

These beautifully crafted Christmas trees are so nice that you probably display them all year round. Handmade from recycled green house glass. Each tree is unique no 2 will ever be the same.

The glass is hand-cut and then special enamels are painted in between the layers of glass, as the glass heats up in the kiln the enamels turn to bubbles. Book it here, you will absolutely love your wee tree!

Glitter Light Bulb

Glitter light bulb
Glitter light bulb. Click the image for more pricing info.

Complete your holiday displays with these Glittered Christmas Light Bulb Ornaments. With a nod to nostalgia, these glitzy baubles can be hung from a classic Christmas tree, affixed to a wreath, or attached to a gift for a little something extra.

Fused glass Christmas snowman decoration

Fused Glass - Fused glass Christmas decoration, snowman decoration
Fused glass Christmas snowman decoration. Click here for pricing info.

These snowmen will make you smile. Well crafted, unique and so cute. They have visited a kiln many times to create the final product each firing taking around 12 hours. They are made from hand-cut sheet glass and various forms of glass including enamel.

Fused glass Christmas snowman decorations are looking forward to hanging in all their glory on your Christmas tree.

Personalized Rudolph

Christmas Decoration | Rudolph | Personalised Rudolph | Personalised Christmas Ornament | Christmas Tree Decoration
Christmas Decoration | Rudolph | Personalised Rudolph | Personalised Christmas Ornament | Christmas Tree Decoration. Click here for more information.

These decorations are beautifully made and all your children would love to have them! Each personalized Rudolph is created from clay and given a red nose to light the way for Santa 🙂

Your family will adore them and wish they could keep Personalised Rudolph Christmas tree decoration out all year round…

Custom Name Snowflake Ornament

Personalized name Ornaments, Custom Name Snowflake Ornament, Wood Christmas Decoration, Personalized Christmas Ornament, Name Snowflake
Personalized name Ornaments, Custom Name Snowflake Ornament. Click here for pricing info.

Truly a great gift and Christmas Tree decoration. We bet you would not want to wait to give them as a gift to your loved ones. We would recommend ordering the items way ahead of when you want them since they did take a while to get to US home.

Vintage Christmas decoration

Vintage Christmas decoration, Christmas light decoration, Laser cut wood Christmas Decoration, Laser cut, Christmas town, Christmas Village
Vintage Christmas decoration, Christmas light decoration, Laser cut wood Christmas Decoration. Click here for pricing info.

Do you want to make this Christmas special? There is good news for you. This Vintage Christmas Decoration was inspired by Christmas spirit and human kindness during the holidays.

Wood-made, it looks natural and creates a cozy atmosphere. It can be placed near the Christmas tree, decorate your home or even on your Christmas table.

Snowman family

Snowman family, Christmas decorations, snowman, personalised gift, Christmas gift, mum gift, Christmas ornaments, personalised holiday decor
Snowman family, Christmas decorations. Click the image for pricing info.

This cute little snowman figures personalized with family members’ names will make stunning centerpiece this Xmas season in your home.

The best thing about this is you can add on if you extend your family. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a little snowman family!

Christmas Tree Pillow Cover

Christmas Tree Pillow Cover - Winter Decor Pillow Cover - Christmas Decor - Christmas Decorations - Farmhouse Decor - Farmhouse Pillow
Christmas Tree Pillow Cover – Winter Decor Pillow Cover. Click here for more info.

This pillow cover from Our Rustic Home is exactly what you was looking for. The material and workmanship are beautiful, and the images on each pillow are perfect. We guess you can’t wait to display it on your couch during the holidays at your winter home.

Personalized Ceramic Christmas Bauble

Peronalised Ceramic Christmas Bauble, Personalised Christmas Bauble, Ceramic Decoration, Custom Christmas Decoration, Calligraphy Bauble
Personalized Ceramic Christmas Bauble. Click for pricing info.

Make your Christmas tree extra special with these personalized ceramic baubles. These are something you will be able to keep forever. They look fabulous!

Personalized Christmas Reindeer Bauble

Personalised Christmas Bauble - Personalised Bauble - Reindeer Bauble - Rudolph Bauble
Personalized Christmas Reindeer Bauble. Click here for pricing info.

A gorgeous personalized bauble… exactly what you were looking for! Highly recommended if you want to be impressed with the quality, be given a great discount for a large amount, and looking for a unique personalized Christmas decoration.

Personalized Our First Christmas Married Ornament

Personalized Our First Christmas Married Ornament
Personalized Our First Christmas Married Ornament. Click here for pricing info.

It has the words “Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.” engraved. You can add your name. This is made from a high-quality leatherette material. 

Stay tuned for our Christmas Decorations Ideas 2019, to be continued…

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