Estimated annual power consumption

    estimated annual power consumption

    The number of kWh you are expected to use during the year.

    The diagram shows how the energy consumption per month is distributed over a normal year.

    estimated annual power consumption
    Estimated annual power consumption of air-water heat pump

    Example: During the month of January, a heat pump consumed approx. 2,400 kWh. According to the diagram, during January it corresponds to 21% of the annual consumption, i.e. the expected annual consumption will be approx. 11,500 kWh. During October, consumption should be around 700 kWh in the same case.

    The energy consumption can be up to 25% extra during the first year in a newly built wooden house. In the case of concrete houses, consumption can be up to 50% extra in the first year. This is due to moisture drift in the house.

    It is recommended to install an extra energy meter that only measures the energy consumption of the heat pump to get a better overview of both the heat pump and household electricity.